Our annual Idlewild Writers Retreat balances quiet time for writers to engage in their creative work with opportunities to gather together as a community.

You can learn more about our location (including accommodations, our locally-sourced meals, and area attractions), our rates and registration, find the answers to frequently asked questions, or keep reading to discover more about the Idlewild Writers Retreat program. We accept applications to the Idlewild Writers Retreat on a rolling basis while space is available.



The Idlewild Writers Retreat offers writers creative space to work on their projects — whether it be developing a new project, playing with new ideas, having some focused time to work on an existing project, or revising a piece of writing you’ve been working on a long time. We welcome writers at all stages of the writing process, and offer quiet time and space to engage with your work.


While most of our weekend is focused on providing writers with quiet space to engage with their own writing, each day there will be an optional guided writing session to help writers enter into their creative practice. These sessions may help spark new work, offer guidance on aspects of writing practice, or help provide perspective and clarity as writers engage with the writing and revision process. Writers may choose to participate in these sessions each day, or may choose not to. We ask only that writers use the time and space at Idlewild Writers Retreat in the way that best serves and nurtures their own writing. Our program is designed to offer writers flexibility so that each writer can engage with their creative work in the way that best meets their own needs.


Throughout the weekend, there will also be opportunities to gather together as a group and enjoy the community of fellow writers. The Idlewild Writers Retreat will provide simple, locally sourced meals for retreat participants, and writers will be able to gather over dinner to share stories, talk about their experiences, and enjoy one another’s company in a low-key and informal community.

After dinner, writers will have the option of reading or sharing from their work, and we may even get to enjoy a house concert one evening right at the Auberge.  Writers may also find times to connect with each other throughout the day, whether it be through our weekend mindfulness and creativity sessions, the optional guided writing practices, or through running into each other in the kitchen or taking an informal walk on the Airline Trail.

We know first-hand the value of building connections with fellow-writers, and we are happy to offer our writers opportunities to gather together as a community.



The Idlewild Writers Retreat is proud to partner with Carolyn Wagner to offer retreat participants sessions that integrate mindfulness into creative practice. These sessions will offer insight into how mindfulness can help foster creativity for writers and artists. Carolyn holds a fine arts graduate degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and is a MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher through the five-year program at UMASS Medical School and a certified .b mindfulness teacher.  As both an artist and a mindfulness teacher, Carolyn is doing fascinating work with mindfulness practice and creativity.

(For more about Carolyn, please click here.)



The Quiet Corner of New England is rich in cultural and natural resources. Within a ten to fifteen minute drive of our retreat in Pomfret, Connecticut, you’ll find orchards, vineyards and breweries, historic towns, thriving art centers, renowned antique markets, several state parks, and opportunities for hiking. There is even access to the Airline Trail right from our own backyard!  With all these resources close by, there are ample opportunities to enjoy the full experience of autumn in New England. Writers are also free to explore the area whenever they feel ready to take a break from their writing. We’re happy to provide recommendations for local attractions and resources.


Learn more about our location (including accommodations, our locally-sourced meals, and area attractions), our rates and registration, and find the answers to frequently asked questions. Click here to apply today!