What Our Writers Are Saying

Each year, we hear such positive feedback from our writers about the ways the Idlewild Writers Retreat has given them new confidence, empowerment, and community in their lives as writers.

Idlewild Airline Trail Hike

Here’s what some of our Idlewild Writers say about their experiences at the Idlewild Writers Retreat:

“The retreat confirmed my own commitment to myself as a serious writer. It has given me the motivation to continue with my idea and work towards a goal of an outline and rough chapters by the end of this year.”

“It was an amazing group of open, personable, curious, and generous artists! Beyond what I imagined as an ideal community to interact with.”


“I loved walking on the Airline Trail with some of the other attendees, eating breakfast and dinner with everyone, and napping and writing in my very own room.”


“The highlights of the retreat were definitely my one-on-one conversations with fellow artists. Those connections meant a great deal to me. Also the peaceful setting and having those prepared meals. And I liked having the chance to read my work aloud and hear others’ impressions. The prompted writing sessions were a venue for me to get some key insights not only about a piece that I’m writing but also about my life as a writer and artist.”

“The retreat provided time for me to nourish myself mentally and emotionally so that I can be better situated to serve my art and work. What this retreat gave me was nourishment to my well being to enrich my spirit as a writer.”